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We *Heart* Shag The Salon

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

In our first local highlight, we are featuring our local Jordan Village hair salon, Shag the Salon!

But don't let their name fool you - they are more than just hair...

Salon owners and stylists, sisters Annie and Molly are worth the trip alone! These two beauties are not only talented in all aspects of hair, but they are hilarious, down-to-earth and make your appointment feel more like time spent with friends. In town for a local wedding? Both these ladies are stellar at classic up-dos, long and loose fancy styles and whatever else your tresses require!

In addition to hair services, Annie and Molly specialize in Sparkle Parties! What's a sparkle party? It's basically the most whimsical party you can imagine - think fairy lights, balloon wall backdrops, lace tablecloths, manicures, fun hairdos and many awesome included party planning must-haves!

Check out examples of their skills on Instagram or Facebook.

We heart you Annie and Molly!